Steers Asturian of the valleys.
High yields meat carcasses with little fat and more quantity and quality of beef and 1 st. Category E-3. Primed (550 kgs.) Or bait (from 200 kgs.)


Steers F-1 (x Charolais) and / or (x Limousin).
Good yields meat, meat with fat infiltration. U-3 category. Primed (550 kgs.) Or bait (from 200 kgs.)
Transactions subject to:
Calves life.
Calves of life in different weights and colors.

Calves fed forages, cereals and silage natural anthrax vaccine, IBR, BVD, IP3 and Pasteurella and dewormed with ivermectin.
Health status farms with T3, B4 and undamaged Leukosis